After an explosion inside a building on Chicago's West Side on Tuesday, at least eight individuals were sent to the hospital, according to authorities.

According to Marc Ferman, deputy fire commissioner for the Chicago Fire Department, first responders discovered the top level of the building had collapsed when they arrived at the scene of a four-story apartment just before 9:30 a.m.

According to Ferman, one patient "from the building across the street" was among the eight patients that were hospitalised.

According to the Chicago Fire Department, three of the patients who were hospitalised were in serious to critical condition. According to Ferman, the victims' wounds ranged from "burns to severe injuries."

Crews are "certain we got everybody out," according to Ferman, but a final search for more victims is ongoing.

According to the department, a mass casualty emergency medical services unit and ten ambulances were sent to the scene.

We don't yet know what led to this situation, Ferman stated.  "It's still under investigation."

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, stated that she is "closely monitoring" the collapse.

She released a statement on Tuesday saying, "My thoughts are with those who were injured and displaced in the building collapse in the Austin neighborhood,"

final stage

final stage